Blunta Nocka

Three astronauts are called to find the truth and come against the four elements: earth, water, fire, air... also with two legendary tribes: light and risking their lives in a planet named BLUNTA NOCKA, the unvisible planet ... The start of the end has began... A book written by Steven and Nasia. Don't forget to watch the trailer (made by us too)...


Two kids, Steven and Nasia are trying to give you the best:

Magic combined with the mysterious world of space and what it hides... Imagination, friendship, mystery and adventure are coming soon (in two or three months) in one book: Blunta Nocka The unvisible Planet to make you wander: "What does space really hide?"...


Steven was born in 1996. He has a huge imagination and many interests, two basic characteristics that help him be a person suitable for conversation, a strong friendship and of course the most suitable to write a book like Blunta Nocka...

Nasia was born in 1997. She knows some secrets of PCs and art, but most importantly she has a strong character, ready to do everything you wouldn't expect from her...


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